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Crémeux Soupe à la Tomate

“Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.” ~ Ina Garten, American Author, Barefoot Contessa TV host Okay, I am not French, but I aspire. Hmm…how to make creamy tomato soup sound more enticing? Simple, make the recipe sound foreign. LOL. But, in all seriousness, I am a child of the 80’s. I […]

Lentil Ambrosia Soup

“Lentils are friendly—the Miss Congeniality of the bean world.” ~ Laurie Colwin, American Fiction Writer My confession: I hate peas in a soup! Hate ’em! But, oddly enough, I absolutely love lentils in a soup! Love ’em! The whys and hows are a very long story indeed. But, suffice it to say that when I […]

“Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.” ~Georges Auguste Escoffier, French Chef This recipe is just what it says! Got a cold? This stuff has as much (actually more) protein in it as Mom’s Homemade Chicken Soup, minus […]

Eastern Zen Noodle Soup

“The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor.” ~Chinese Proverb Big hit at lunchtime today (or as the British call it: dinner.) We have been trying to eat lighter meals that are still filled with fresh and healthy goodness. In that spirit, and also inspired by my recent purchase […]

Travelers Tartan Soup

Papa and Mama have been traveling in the UK for the past couple of weeks and, although we are looking for some place to settle for the next few months, have been hopping from place to place. We have, thus, also been hopping from kitchen to kitchen…some equipped better than others. On a recent visit […]

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