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Hello from Mama…


In the 1830’s Lydia Maria Child, of Northampton, Massachusetts, wrote the American Frugal Housewife. This little book, with its recipes and hints for ways to save money around the house, revolutionized housekeeping for more than one generation of nineteenth-century women.

Her little book blossomed into several more invaluable works that touched on motherhood, healing, games for children and domestic relations of all kinds.

Though most of the cooking information provided in the American Frugal Housewife does not translate well to today’s tastes and modern cook stoves I, nevertheless, have found much inspiration in her creative tips over the years.

Corn Pasta

Now, with this little blog I hope to offer some fun and inspiring observations and household tips of my own for all of you.

Who am I? Just your friendly neighborhood hippie, historian and psychic medium. I lived all over the world, but currently reside in Nova Scotia, Canada with my other half, Papa, our cat Gypsy, and our young son.

Though not 100% a housewife (I do have my own business as well) it is when cooking, crafting and such that I really feel most alive.

The Vegetarian Frugal Housewife is a little piece of excitement for me, a place to drop all of my little gems, excess spices and various scraps. It’s kind of like a sewing box, with all those compartments full of miscellaneous notions.

Here I will post vegetarian recipes, info about hand crafts such as spinning and crochet, musings on raising animals and (someday) kids, reviews of books and products of interest to vegetarians, old-time anecdotes, remedies for natural healing, chatter about folk music and hippie living as well as simple things that we can all do to be a little more eco-friendly and a little less gimmee gimmee.

So from Mama and Papa, welcome to the Vegetarian Frugal Housewife.

  • MamaMia

    Nice start, so far… I found your site looking for a sort of list of foods you can make for $___ per week…. sort of like the website… maybe you can put something like that on here. :)

  • Hello, I was just browsing through the internet and found your blog! I’m interested because I myself am a vegetarian, spinner/knitter/crocheter, and I love crafts. I love going to craft shows and I know this guy named Jonathan Spoons who makes wooden cooking utensils. All of his stuff is handmade in Pennsylvania from wild cherry wood. This blog reminded me of him a bit and I was wondering if you had ever seen his stuff.


  • Hi Hannah.

    Nope, never seen his stuff. But I bet that I’d like to!

    I love wooden spoons, wooden bowls and all manner of handmade kitchen implements…including antique cooking tools.

    Glad you’re liking the blog!



  • Amy H.

    Hey there. I have been a dedicated vegetarian for 10 years now & am always looking for new recipes (although I’m hopelessly doomed in the kitchen) and interesting fun facts. I’m going to attempt to make your “chicken soup” tonight for the first time….lets hope I don’t blow the kitchen up or anything!! Anyways, I love this website & will recommend it to my friends.

  • Thanks Amy,

    You’re very kind.



  • What a splendid site to have found! And a wonderful surprise to see the reference to Ms. Childs books..a blessing and gift of womens history. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Hey Housewife!

    I’ve been checking our your blog and have been really enjoying it! Thanks for sharing your awesome tips with us!

    Much love,

    Chef Veronica

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  • Carly

    Found dragon and monkey pie here- looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Michelle

    Hello Housewife!
    I use your recipes, and I would really like to donate some money to you, but I’m having trouble with your tip jar.

    Would you please email me with instructions.

    Thanks! :-)

    Michelle Skvortsov

  • louise

    Hello, i am desperate for a vegan alternative to quorn and i wondered if you can suggest a recipe using mycoprotien and a southern fried coating minus the egg? please help i’m desperate! We have tried soya and Redwood (wheat gluten) products but the family do not like either.

    many thanks
    Louise in London

  • Barbara

    Very glad to have found your site… thanks!