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Archive for December, 2007

Vegan Swedish Meatballs

The first time that I ever had Swedish Meatballs was at a New Years Party held by one of my Mum’s friends when I was about 5 years old. His mother was an elderly lady who loved to cook and she whipped up a whole Crockpot full of the little beauties. They’ve been a personal […]

Collage of Carrots Soup

What are we having for dinner tonight? When I asked myself this, at around 1pm today, I had no answer. So I strolled into the kitchen to see what we had the most of. The answer to that was carrots. It was snowing this afternoon and the sky had been promising to do it all […]

Recycling: Yarn Scraps

There are always so many little tiny pieces of yarn that are left over after a knit or crochet project. They get trimmed from color changes, from adding on a new ball here and there and from portions of store-bought yarn that should never have made it through quality control. I hate throwing them away. […]

Native American-Style Casserole

This quickie that I whipped up tonight reminded me of the wild foods that we taste-tested in my Ethnobotany & Anthropology course way back in undergraduate school. I have always had an interest in wild healing herbs and wild foods that are available in my local environment. Not that I claim this to be a […]