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Archive for January, 2008

Travelers Tartan Soup

Papa and Mama have been traveling in the UK for the past couple of weeks and, although we are looking for some place to settle for the next few months, have been hopping from place to place. We have, thus, also been hopping from kitchen to kitchen…some equipped better than others. On a recent visit […]

Confetti Trail Mix #1

Trail mixes are a specialty of mine. The combinations are made up randomly on the spot of whatever I have handy. That is why I call them confetti, whatever colorful scraps of paper are laying around, so to speak. I like to use some of the same ingredients in each mix, just personal preferences I […]

Papa, Matt and myself went and spent New Year’s Eve with my friend Chuck and his girlfriend Diane. They are both known to be fantastic cooks and that is why I am always more than pleased to accept a dinner invitation to their place. Chuck is Greek and has been commanded by his grandmother to […]