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Knitting My First Sock…Once Again

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“If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.”

~William Blake, English Poet & Visionary

Opal Harry Potter Sock Yarn

As some of you may know, I am a knitter. At least, sometimes I am.

I did my first stint of knitting when I was about seven. Then I gave it up when I was nine.

I got into knitting again when I was fifteen and gave it up when I was sixteen.

I picked it up again when I was 19 and put it down yet again when I turned 21.

Well, I am now a successful knitter in that I have kept with it, seasonally, for the past five years.

But, my whole reason for returning to knitting was to knit socks. Socks, socks, socks. Lots of socks. I collect them and wanted to make some of my own instead of continuing to buy nylon socks that were made in China.

Loved the knitting. Hated the socks.

I never finished a single one.

Actually, I really liked the socks, but they did not like me back.

I did eventually get used to the concept of double-pointed knitting needles and the whole knitting-in-the-round thing. But, after the 4th one that had to be ripped out during tragic heel-turning episodes, I decided to put socks aside and go back to baby blankets and scarves.

Then, a year later, I broke out the luscious pile of sock yarn and tried again. Twice. With the same sad and frustrating results. So, back to afghans and hats.

Then, just last autumn, I tried again. Equipped with the Addi Turbo 12″ circular sock needles, I felt determined and sure that it would be different.

At first, it was awesome! Knitting cuffs on the Addi is a breeze! Which brought me, at light-speed, to the heel. Dead in the water, AGAIN. And, AGAIN!

Well as I write to you today, I am on my 9th attempt at sock-making. I feel that nine is a lucky and magical number. (I hope!)

I am very excited and truly hopeful that this time the creativity will be effortless (or relatively so) and I will achieve a completed pair of handmade socks by the New Year.

The yarn that I chose is a lot of fun, Zwerger Garn-Opal Harry Potter in the Ron colorway. It makes me feel a little bit like Mrs. Weasley. ;-)

Maybe that’s why I am calling this project my Weasley Scrunchie Socks.

The pattern is a free one, the Squoosh Sock by Yarn Zombie.

Right now I am more than 6 inches into the first sock. I think it’s knitting up nicely, although the yarn may be better showcased using a different pattern, I really like the combination. Fun yarn + fun pattern = Fun socks!!!

Wish me luck (and patience) as approach the heel turning…I’ll need it!

**Ravelry users can find me here.

  • What went wrong with the socks? This year is my first year of sock-knitting and I’m loving it. They all seem to fit very well. Maybe the pattern you’re using?

  • I am so sorry to hear about your socks. I didn’t know you knit! I have been reading your blog, but somehow didn’t pick up on that. Anyway, I wonder if you have ever tried the Sensational Sock book? It is great! It gives good directions. Good luck!!

  • A Guyra Girl

    Turning heels are always tricky – the best idea is to get somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and do it all in one sitting. Best of luck with this pair of socks, the pattern is very interesting.

  • I did it!!!! One heel turned, one sock completed!!!! Gauge was a bit off but the size is bearable!!! I am so proud of myself!

  • Bethie

    Have you tried the magic loop method with the real long circulars one at a time? This makes it so much easier for me. Email me and I can point you at some online tutorials. I’m betlamb on ravelry.

  • I’ve never tried socks, but I like the idea that they are so quick.
    Good for you! Keep up the knitting! I go through off-knitting times too.

    Keep blogging too! I never made your meatloaf yet, but I like your blog. Is that a new header picture? How did you do it? I love it!


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