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“Then I heard it! It was silently beautiful, my soul song. The universe within, humming like a waterfall. Pulsing. The heart of love.”

~Vera Nadine, Inspirational Writer and Spirit Channel

Vera Nadine

It’s always so lovely and enjoyable for me here on Vegetarian Frugal Housewife. I love bringing you fun and creative ideas that you can play with and enjoy at home.

Over at my main blog, I enjoy working to bring you exciting and inspiring posts about spiritual development, meditation and metaphysical topics.

If you’ve never checked out Vera Nadine, I invite you to pop over and explore it now. There is a wealth of information there, including spiritual guidance based on my own personal experiences.

Spirit is in you, and in everyone. Many of us who are embracing more healthy living, closer connections with nature, activism and community building, are also looking for ways to deepen our inner connection with spirit and the creative source.

The free articles and downloads at are intended to help you understand and open up to the realms of spiritual awareness so that you can live a more peaceful and inspiring life.

Here are the top ten posts from to help familiarize you with the site:

While you are visiting the Vera Nadine blog, don’t forget to submit your questions, as she will be giving readers free guidance by channeling answers to submitted questions and posting them as Q&A blog articles.

Also, everyone who submits a spiritual question will be entered in my monthly drawings for a free private reading!

Thanks to all of you for supporting my work, both here at Vegetarian Frugal Housewife and at Vera Nadine!