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Crémeux Soupe à la Tomate

“Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.” ~ Ina Garten, American Author, Barefoot Contessa TV host Okay, I am not French, but I aspire. Hmm…how to make creamy tomato soup sound more enticing? Simple, make the recipe sound foreign. LOL. But, in all seriousness, I am a child of the 80’s. I […]

Lentil Ambrosia Soup

“Lentils are friendly—the Miss Congeniality of the bean world.” ~ Laurie Colwin, American Fiction Writer My confession: I hate peas in a soup! Hate ’em! But, oddly enough, I absolutely love lentils in a soup! Love ’em! The whys and hows are a very long story indeed. But, suffice it to say that when I […]

“Plants are the young of the world, vessels of health and vigor…” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet and Essayist While Papa and I were out strolling through the English hillsides the other day, we came across a clump of young nettle leaves and I suddenly had the crazy idea to be all old-fashioned and […]

Eastern Zen Noodle Soup

“The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor.” ~Chinese Proverb Big hit at lunchtime today (or as the British call it: dinner.) We have been trying to eat lighter meals that are still filled with fresh and healthy goodness. In that spirit, and also inspired by my recent purchase […]

Anyways, Avocado Soup

Well, amidst a firestorm over the last post that I made, I will endeavor to return to the intended value of this blog and present you with yet another yummy vegetarian recipe. “Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” ~George Orwell This one is good for the time of year that we are in right now […]

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