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A Waldorf Night Song

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“Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers”
~ Hans Christian Andersen, 19th-Century Danish Author and Poet


Now that our son is a toddler, and has a stronger personality and more of a sense of himself, I find that rhythm and, more specifically, little rituals are key to making him feel comfortable throughout the day, and to getting him to participate more peacefully with what needs to be done.

Whether it is lifting him up on his chair before a meal and letting him choose which pocket bib to wear, or going pee on the potty one more time right before his nap or, in this case, having a little song that I sing to him after putting out the light at night and before moving him from the change table to the crib.

Because he is a toddler, he occasionally refuses when other people try to sing. He goes through cycles where only he is allowed to sing, and in which he proclaims “All done, all done.” or “Only Torin sings!” when other people try to carry a tune. As someone who studied voice and who gets great comfort from the act of singing I find this a bit trying and certainly impolite, but I assume it to be a phase and am attempting to just work with it. On those nights, instead of singing goodnight to the fairies, we say it. It seems to do the trick and I always remind him that the fairies are our friends and we want to ask them to watch over our dreams before we fall asleep.

Waldorf education is about spirit and creativity, so I took the initiative to create our own sleep song, having tried a few standard ones that didn’t really inspire me or fit our family all that well.

I share it here in case you feel drawn to using it in your own rituals. (I can’t write music so I’ll add an MP3 later that lets you hear the tune.)

Good Night, Little Fairies

Good Night, Little Fairies
Good Night, Little Sprites
Good Night, Little Babies (or Children) Beneath the Moonlight

Good Night Little Pixies
And Gnomies Too
Good Night Little “Child’s Name
Your Mama (or Parents) Love You

Good Night, Little Fairies
Good Night, Little Sprites
Please Keep Us Safe
All Through The Night

Good Night Little Pixies
And Gnomies Too
I’ll (or We’ll) See You In the Morning
When Your Dreams Are All Through

Happy Dreaming, All.