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Collage of Carrots Soup

What are we having for dinner tonight? When I asked myself this, at around 1pm today, I had no answer. So I strolled into the kitchen to see what we had the most of. The answer to that was carrots. It was snowing this afternoon and the sky had been promising to do it all […]

Tasty Thai Butternut Soup

Seems like years, actually over a decade, since I first tried Thai food and swore up hill and down dale that I would learn to cook it. There are several cookbooks on my shelf as a testament to my good intentions about learning to make Thai food at home. Yet nothing ever came of it. […]

Miss Lilac’s Bean Chili

This one comes from my old friend Lilac. Actually it made the rounds throughout her family, so I guess it isn’t technically “hers” so to speak. They are an interesting bunch. If you can picture old school hippie beings who were raised on falafel, traveled the country in decorated school buses and were simply born […]

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